Travis Beauchamp, 4th generation, still compounds our famous Beauchamp's Hand Lotion today.

Beauchamp's Hand Lotion was formulated over 80 years ago by Fred Beauchamp and his partner, William O'Rourke. It was first developed to help treat the cracked and chapped hands of men working in the foundries and marble shops that surrounded Rutland, Vermont.

According to Bob Beauchamp, RPh, the son of Fred Beauchamp, "I recall my father telling me that they developed the lotion for my Uncle Arthur when he was working at a foundry and came in with problem hands during the winter. His hands were split and chapped from handling cold dirty castings. This is because hands tend to be dried out that time of year and because they have less circulation than at warmer times. I believe that from this simple beginning the word-of-mouth effectiveness of this product has kept it popular all these years."

Today, Beauchamp's Hand Lotion is still made from Fred's special formula. Take a look at our online store and buy some of this amazing lotion today and get free shipping!

More Information On Our Hand Lotion

More Information On Our Hand Lotion

Beauchamp's Hand Lotion