Multi Dose Medication Packaging

Multi Dose packaging provides convenient dose monitoring and prescription compliance for busy individuals by reducing errors and preventing missed doses for the duration of the therapy.

Multi dose packaging enables individuals to maintain medication regimens accurately and conveniently. Through the use of unit dose packaging, pills and capsules are parceled in perforated blister packs. The packaging can be customized for daily or time of day dosage, depending on the unique needs of the patient. Packaging can be printed to help patients remember which pills to take and when. Multi dose packaging also assists in safeguarding the products efficacy by protecting each pill until it is administered.

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*NEW* Easy Dose RX Medicine Planner

Enjoy the comfort and safety of knowing that you took the right medication at the right time. Packing fees may apply.

Medicine Planner
  • Your Rx's are filled in 28 day cycles, in 4 sheets
  • It's detachable, portable and disposable
  • Normal co-pays still apply, and you may put them on a monthly charge account, or put a credit card on file
  • Rx Delivery available in Rutland City and Rutland Town (there may be a delivery fee assessed)
  • For those patients living further away, we can mail the meds (in VT only) for a small fee, or they can be picked up


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  • Saturday 9am-12pm

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